Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Catching Up!

Time has slipped away once again!! We've had a busy month of June so far! We've enjoyed time with family & friends, and our girls! And....we found out that we are going to be having our first baby in November and it's a GIRL!! :) We are super excited!

With all that busy-ness, I haven't done a whole lot of organizing but I did accomplish a few things. Of course, I failed to take good pictures, but I am continuing on with scanning that box of papers into the computer. I'm almost done! I re-organized the bathroom drawers and under the sink and purged all the items I didn't need. I finished emptying boxes of books, and while they are only stacked against the wall in my room, at least they aren't taking up so much space!!

When we found out I was pregnant, I dug through all my boxes and pulled out all the baby blankets and such that I've held on to for years. Most of those blankets were mine as a baby. I repacked them into a storage tub so that they would all be in one place.

We also went on the hunt for bunk beds for the second bedroom so that my step-daughters would have a place to sleep (currently they sleep on our camping cots when they visit). We've got one lined up we just have to go get it now! Thanks to a couple friends, the mattresses for it are covered too!! That will help with organizing the second bedroom as that will not only be their room, but the nursery & guest room too!

While our 4 & 5 year old have been here with us this week, we've gone through all their clothes and pulled out all the too-small clothes. Those will be passed on to a friends little girl & the rest of the clothes will be put into the dresser that their Daddy finished sanding & staining for them.

I have utilized my local FreeCycle to get rid of books, clothes, kitchen items, and games that have just been sitting around waiting. I tried to sell them on Amazon and finally decided that those things that hadn't sold in a long time were not worth holding on to "just in case". I also took boxes of books to the local trade-book store and traded in what I could for store credit. I do have one small box of books waiting for a return trip in hopes that they will be able to take them at a later time.

While I haven't blogged I have been making a list of all the projects I want to work on and blog about. There are tons!! Some of them I won't be able to complete properly until finances are better but there are tons that I will be able to work on .

I have three projects I'd like to complete before the baby comes. I need/want to finish that scanning!! Then I'd like to finish putting all my "keepsake" papers & such into my scrapbooks. And purchase new books to put all the pages into. At some point, if I can get my hands on a simple sewing machine, I want to cut up and sew the two tubs of fabric/t-shirts, etc I have into quilts/blankets. Those projects in themselves will empty out approximately two tubs (big tubs) , a milk crate, and at least one big box of junk!!!

While at work yesterday, my co-worker and I decided that our drawers needed some help! I took on the project with great joy!! Something to put my organizational skills to work and pass the time, too!! Again, I failed to take before pictures but take my word that they were a MESS!! This picture is the after of our "singles" drawer where we keep our heartworm and flea medicines and the envelopes single doses go into.

This second picture is the after of our top drawer. We keep our cat flea/heartworm medicines here and during the day we put all of our receipts also. This drawer is also home to an extra stapler and staples..just in case. I love how these drawers look now!!! 

And that mostly brings us to today. There is a lot to do in the next few months to prepare for our baby girl and I'm sure there will be a lot of organizing going on!! Now, if I can just remember to take before pictures!!!

Happy Organizing!!!