Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crafts & Preserving Memories

I just found the most amazing tutorial for cutting apart men's shirts to use for fabric/sewing!!!

Bonnie Hunter's blog can be found here: and what an amazing array of patterns, tips, and so much more she has to offer!!

I have had a box of my grandpa's shirts sitting around just waiting on the right time to cut them apart and make something out of them. I have been scared and intimidated to cut them apart for fear of ruining them/not cutting them properly! I do not have the sewing skills that some of my favorite people do, but I am learning as I go. Most of what I do know, my sweet Nana taught me over the years!

I am thankful to have found this tutorial and will be putting it to good use!! Now I can't wait to tear/cut apart these shirts and get a pattern rolling for blankets, pillowcases, or something else!!

One more step to getting rid of a box of stuff, but preserving a lifetime of memories!!