Saturday, February 15, 2014

Your Organizing Questions!

This post is dedicated to YOUR organizing questions! 

Comment below with your top organizing question(s) and I will compile them and answer them as best I can! Pinterest and a number of organizing blogs will be my source for answers, as well as my own personal experience! I will link you to the blog (or pin) and you will find lots of inspiration!

Comment/ask away!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quick Kitchen Cleanup

Recently, I took a few minutes to organize the pantry part of my certainly needed it!

Here are some pictures to show before and afters:

I have my "pantry" scattered throughout a few shelves and it was getting hard to find anything without everything avalanche-ing down on you! So, I cleaned off the shelves and got to work!
The microwave also got a thorough cleaning inside and out!

It is now much easier to find items when its time to use them! And the lower shelves all have "baby safe" items on them so that my little one can play "store"!