Thursday, May 10, 2012

From the beginning...

(So this post is of pictures of our new, empty home before we moved in!)

Welcome to our Home!!

I thought I would take a post and show you around our crazy household...starting with our townhome before we moved in, followed by the days after moving in!! (It might take two posts!!) We had three days to move in and out of the apartment and so our goal was just to get everything into the townhome! Then we had to empty our 5 x10 storage unit. Eventually, we had everything in our little place and began the daunting task of unpacking and finding a place for everything. Needless to say that is a never-ending task, which is why I created this blog!!

Okay enough talk, here are some pictures!! (I apologize that they are not the best quality!)

Walking in the front door.

My beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, a huge window, and limited storage space!

View into the dining room/living room with the half bath on the left. 

Our mini patio out back!

 Master bedroom & closet. (Sorry it's crooked.)

Full bath upstairs with full mirror, drawers, and open under counter space.
 Second bedroom.
 "Laundry room." Front-loading washer & dryer.
 That is our Green Oaks house. Next post will show some of our mess!!

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